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Moving To A New Home

My Landlord Selling Her Home Moving is not my favorite, but someone has to get it done especially when you are living in a rental home.  I was home and got a called from my landlord back in February of 2018, She asked if anyone is home? I say yes. She told me she wanted to show the house to a potential buyer.
I said to her are you selling the house she says yes,

 I was shocked because I was not planning and moving until the next two years. The person came and look at the home and left without saying nothing to me. I called the landlord to inquire about what the updates are, if the person likes the place and if they are going to purchase.
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Searching for homes
My landlord told me when I spoke to her on the phone, that she is not sure of what she is doing at this moment. She was waiting on feedback from the person that wanted to purchase her home. Three months went by and I called her again to see where I stand because I don't like the sudden move.
I like to stage and plan m…

How To Get More Traffic Online

More Visibility Visibility, my page is new and I'm trying to get more information, how to make my page become more visible on the internet. I try using the SEO optimization but traffic are very low, plus I would like to get rank on Google.  Everything I do on my own, I'm looking for a second opinion.

I'm not sure if I'm using the right keywords in my articles, I used Squirrly SEO for optimization plugin, and I will do audit periodically on my page. The reviews say that my page needs more traffic, I'm not using longtails keyword.

If anyone reading this post and can help me get my page ranking higher, and help me get more traffic to my website. I really want my page to be discovered, my articles or very unique, my goals are to get many people reading my blog and sharing with others.
New Startup I'm just a new startup author, I want to write content about my life story, I want people to get to know me better. I enjoy blogging, on my spare time when im not doing m…

My New Book Releases Soon

My Life Story

My new book, who can tell a story better than the person that goes through it. I'm in the process of writing my book. I handwrote some rough sketches that I will be typing into my Microsoft words very soon, and hopefully get it to publish before the end of the year.

The reason I want to write my book is for everyone to get to know me better and what I have been through. My life is like an open book, very soon everyone will able to read about me. I will make the ban ook available as ebook and hardcopy. I promise it will not be too expensive. Click Here

I'm a very outspoken person. I express myself in writing, I found it very effectively when I put my thoughts to paper.

My goal is to become a good author, I just started writing lately, but I think I'm doing pretty good. There may be some errors here and there.
I'm a person with a lot of hidden talent, I'm just recently realizing that I have all these talents in me. I will use them to uplift and helps o…

A Birthday Surprise With Friends

My Surprise Birthday Party
Surprise! They did it, omg! yes, it was a surprise that I will never forget. I think I have the best friends in this world, I'm so fortunate to say it. These ladies have been doing a lot of surprises for me, from the day we met back in August 2015. I don't even know where to start from about these two extraordinary girls, they are like a sister from another mother.

The things they do for me is priceless, I just love the family overall, I'm so grateful to have them in my life. I enjoy my birthday, it was so much fun and laughter. It was a very special day for me, a day I will never forget, I feel so much love. Click Here

My age I'm proud to say that age is just a number, I just turn 45 years old and I do feel like 25. I feel very good in my body, I don't smoke or drink. I try my best to take life easy and not to let anything stress me out, or ruin my day, I live a low key lifestyle.

My birthday was a blast, I was surrounded by some good …

What you Don't Know can Traumatize You.

The Betrayal And Deception
Heartbroken, that's what happened to me a few years ago, back in 2013  a year I will never forget. I made the wrong choices in life that cause me everything.  Sometimes we have to learn the hard way to realize what we have, and I guess I did. I consider myself a very responsible individual but sometimes been with the wrong person can cause you everything.

This is what happens to me, I was working at a nightclub as a bartender pouring liquor and having fun as well. The music is playing and customers are having a good time. Every Tuesday night we will have a pool tournament at the club. Another club will come and play against our team, for liquor and enjoyment.
Tall and handsome One night as the guys walk in with their pool stick and bag on shoulder. I notice there was a tall handsome man, that caught my eyes. From that night I admire him, but he didn't know that I like him, I was just hoping to see him again and I did. He stops by a couple of times j…

How I Don't Let My Past Define Me

I remember those days
Back in the days, I remember those days things I couldn't pay for on my own, I had to rely on others to help me.  My life changed drastically for the better because I learn from all my mistake. Growing up life was not that easy for me I always stay working to pay my bills.

Sometimes we work but the money does not seem enough to take care of loved ones and pay the bills. I will work from paycheck to paycheck to make ends meet. Sometimes I have to do two jobs just to survive and there are times the two jobs ain't enough.

I know there are other people out there that can relate to this article, especially the ones that care deeply for their family. Life is a struggle we all know that nothing comes easy we just have to put our best foot forward. im the type of person that always think outside the box to better my life. Click Here

I remember those days when I couldn't afford to pay my car payment,  the financing company repossess my car for nonpayment. I t…

How I say Thank You On My Birthday

Saying Thank You

Saying thank you, to everyone that send me birthday wishes. Thanks to all my Facebook friends, fans, and my family for letting me feel so special on this day of June 25th, 2018. I'm overwhelmed with all the emails and phone calls I have received. My Facebook messenger blowing up, I love every single one of you, this show that people out there do care.

I get a lot of compliment from people, that I look like twenty-five years old, oh I wish.  Whenever I get those type of compliment I embrace myself and try to improve myself more. I don't drink or smoke, neither do I go out to a club and party anymore.
Happy I leave the parting to the younger generation, although the street or not safe anymore to have fun. I want to able to set a good example for my children, not to drink or smoke. I was a little sad today cause my mother passes away five years ago, I which she was here to wish me a happy birthday.

I know she is somewhere watching over me and protecting me, maki…

I Gain More Wisdom By Aging

Age Comes With Wisdom I gained more wisdom from aging, base on my life experience, the older you get the wiser you become, is a very true statement in my opinion.  I'm so glad I was raised by my grandparents they thought me so much. I know my grandparents always saying things to me, that didn't make sense then. It used to go into one ear an to the other, I really didn't care about what they were saying.
I know what they were saying to me was for our own good and base on their life journey. I can say this that have proved them to be right. When I think about what im going through, it's like hearing my grandparents voice in my ear. It never sticks until now, when I have to learn new things of my own.

I was the type of person that like to do things my way and then learn the hard way. Don't we all want to have our own way sometimes? thinking we know it all.  Its okay to be like that, no one is perfect but listen to others is good as well especially the older generation…

How I Stay Focus

Whats your future goals
How I stay focus with all the distractions around me, it's very hard, especially if you are a parent.  Im a single mother of three children two girls and one boy. They can become a hand full sometimes and get in the way of your work schedules. I try to manage my time the best possible way I can and still find for mommy moment with my family.

Knowing About Energy

People and Energy
Energy is very important in your everyday living environments if I knew what I knew now. I think I would avoid a lot of sets back and the mistakes that I make in my past. It's a big deal yes it is, everyone has a different type of energy, it can be good and also be bad.

Be careful of the energy you let into your personal space, especially your living environment. I know this because the energy that I was surrounded with was the cause of me hitting rock bottom couple years ago.
Positive Energy Flow It is very important to surround yourself with good positive energy. Some energy will suck the life out of you, and left you to wonder what just happen.
There are different types of energy out there that you have to watch out for, intimacy is one of them. Be smart about who you go to bed with and get intimate with, Because if that person has a wife or girlfriend. Then you automatically sleeping with the other person energy.

Now you not just sleeping with that one perso…

Random Kindness

Kindness Matters
Kindness is the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. It was a beautiful Friday morning I was driving home from a trip. I always have my radio playing in my car, I only listen to gospel stations, that gives me peace of mind.

Anyone knows me that I am a very spiritual person. As I was driving home I was singing along with the music on the radio.
I came off the high way, now I'm in the town I pull into the drive-thru at Dunkin Donuts, to get breakfast. I place my order and drove up to the window to pay for my food, I asked the cashier how much? she said to me. The car in front of me just paid for my food, to my surprise.

How I did It

My New Apps
I want to take the time to talk about my all the applications that I'm currently working on. I have three application available on Apple Store and Google Play Store.
About Our AppsFirst, one I will talk about is MyTyme Social media app, it's on an app that creates a systematic memory. It's a family-oriented application that connects you with your friends and loves ones near and far without the violence and absurdity in the social media network. This app allows users to capture those special moments like the first job, first baby, graduation, weddings etc.
This app is not just about capturing moments, you can also tell your story, everyone has a story to tell. This application is different from other social media apps out there. My Tyme social is a cleaner version of whats out there. Please visit our website to learn more . with this app users can upload videos and images to their timeline. Like and share a post with other social media …

My New Page

About Me

About me hi my name is Marlene Gainey, CEO, and Founder of MyTyme Social Media App. I'm super excited to share my stories with the world. I will be talking more about how I started my business. Here is a link to my website click on the link to learn more about my application.