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A Birthday Surprise With Friends

My Surprise Birthday Party

Surprise! They did it, omg! yes, it was a surprise that I will never forget. I think I have the best friends in this world, I'm so fortunate to say it. These ladies have been doing a lot of surprises for me, from the day we met back in August 2015. I don't even know where to start from about these two extraordinary girls, they are like a sister from another mother.

The things they do for me is priceless, I just love the family overall, I'm so grateful to have them in my life. I enjoy my birthday, it was so much fun and laughter. It was a very special day for me, a day I will never forget, I feel so much love. Click Here

My age

I'm proud to say that age is just a number, I just turn 45 years old and I do feel like 25. I feel very good in my body, I don't smoke or drink. I try my best to take life easy and not to let anything stress me out, or ruin my day, I live a low key lifestyle.

My birthday was a blast, I was surrounded by some good people and really show that they care about me. I feel so blessed to have these beautiful friends in my life. They are the definition of what is a friend, I would not trade them for anything in this world.


They brought joy to my soul when I'm around them I can never have a sad face. Laughter lite up the room when we all are together. We even got the mother laughing, beautiful family indeed. that take care of their mother like a queen.
Best birthday surprise ever, thanks to these two ladies for throwing a nice birthday party for me. The more I'm aging is the less I care about birthday parties. But lately, I really love having birthday parties, my friends bring back the sparkes. I feel like I was in Hawaii, they dress me up with beautiful flowers, and have me dancing the hula. it's my first time dancing the hula I was laughing so hard.

Its okay to act like a kid sometimes especially on your birthday, that's me I was having the time of my life. My friend did not know how to work the video and she didn't capture all the moment on camera. I say to her you didn't capture this moment. I was just been silly and giving jokes, I'm a fun person to be around and love to see others having fun.

My cake

A picture says a thousand words, my birthday cake is so beautiful, I love the matching color to my flower. It's a very big cake, with my name on it. My friends did a good job, with the cake and overall the settings and decoration, and the colors that I like.

I'm so thankful to live to see another birthday and proud to say I'm 45 years old. I am so grateful for life and good friends that make my birthday so special.

Eating my cake

Hmm, so delicious yummy, I will not eat too much cake but I'm enjoying it. I'm not a big fan of sweets I only do this once a year. I will take disadvantage of it for my birthday, I told my friends I don't want no cake for my birthday, she replies what is a birthday without cake.

They spoiled me with beautiful gifts, I'm always feeling excited to open gifts from my friends. They give me nice things that I enjoy keeping. And things that I can use daily in my everyday living, They just know how to surprise me.

I can say I have the most beautiful friends, and I love them so much to be a part of my life. To show me what real friends are all about. My party didn't have a lot of people, it was just friends and family get together and it was awesome. It was a fun birthday, the food was good and the cake was yummy and delicious. it was just the perfect timing.

After the party and everyone left, I had myself some chill red wine and just relax for the rest of the night. My day was great and I have fun with my friends and their mom. I appreciate all the effort that they put into making my day special.

I send a thank you letter, the day after to show my appreciation, I can't say enough thank you. To these nice people that became apart of my family. I will cherish the friendship forever, they will always be in my life now and always. I value friends that know the meaning of true friends.

These were the same friends that I write about in my blog moving, they are the ones that help me move. I have so much to say, for what these kind-hearted people have done for me. Friends are better than pocket money and better than silver and gold.

I will always say thanks to my friends and I will be there whenever they need my help with anything. Because of them, I have birthday pictures, cake, and gifts to show. I will save these pictures to my memory, that I can able to show my grandchildren and tell them about real friends.
My birthday was a blast, I'm looking forward to another celebration next year. I'm very happy with the result, and the beautiful pictures that we were able to capture.

Thank you, friends and family, for a beautiful birthday party that I was not expected. It was phenomenal, I could not ask for more. They did it, a very nice surprise, I love it.
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