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How I Stay Focus

Whats your future goals

How I stay focus with all the distractions around me, it's very hard, especially if you are a parent.  Im a single mother of three children two girls and one boy. They can become a hand full sometimes and get in the way of your work schedules.
I try to manage my time the best possible way I can and still find for mommy moment with my family.  

Luckily two of them are grown and going to college. The other one starting high school in September 2018, it can get a little be challenging for me. Click Here
The family is very important to me I like to spend time with my family the least little chance I get. Im a family oriented type of person, that enjoy nurturing others.

Everything I do is from love, that's what makes the family bond stronger as well.
I have so much I want to do now these days, I wish the day have more than 24hr, im just kidding the hours are okay. Its just the time is going so fast, I can't work fast enough to catch up on my work and personal life. 

To be honest its summer and I haven't done much of any outdoor activity.
By the time you know it falls is here then winter, lately, I have no type of social life managing my business and taking care of my family. I have to give up on something that I like to stay focus on my projects, I even give up on some of my friends. This is something I hate doing, but it did get to that point where I just have to cut ties with some people, especially when they are not seeing things eye to eye.

What keeps me focus

What really keeps me really focus these days
  1. I stay away from chit chatting and idle talk on the phone.
  2. Get rid of negative people from my circle
  3. Self-discipline I discipline myself a lot lately until it  becomes a routine for me
  4. I stop watching tv shows, tv can become the biggest distraction in your home.
  5. Not going out so much like before, I rather stay home and work on my projects.
  6. Stay off social media, I only go on to post content of my business and say hi to friends.
  7. Spend more time at home, I like a peaceful environment it makes me think more clearly.
  8. Think positive and be more optimistic about my future goals.
  9. Be persistence, in anything im doing I try to do better each day.
  10. Be confident and stay motived and inspired
These are just a few of the things I do to keep my focus each day so I can be more productive. Its all about sacrifices, I choose to do this because my goal is to be a better person. Sometimes in life we all of to sacrifice the things that make us happy. If you are the type of person that wants more out of life, there are things you have to give up to make it happen. 

My future plans

My goals are is to become the best author, a storyteller on the internet, I want for people to read my content and get inspired. Im training myself to be a very good CEO for my business, I want to be that voice of empowerment. 

I want to be able to stand out from the crowd, and finally say I did it.
I have a strong work ethic, and the drive to become very successful in the near future. My hard work will pay off one day, I put a lot of work into what I do. I want to be able to teach others of what I do to become more focus and goals oriented.

I really don't let the little things in life bother me If I create a mess I embrace the mess. Im more responsible now than before, I found myself more driven than before. People around me motivate me a lot when they are talking to me about their personal life.

Most of these people are living from pay check to pay check and borrowing from friends and loved ones. Not to mention some of these people are close to retirement and have nothing to they name. Oh what a shame, I feel sad for these people. They make me have a different outlook on life and help me more to prepare for my old age, I want to be in the position to do things for myself financially.

I like to be independent, I hate bothering people to help me out especially when it comes to money. Im setting the foundation now for myself to accomplish financial freedom for myself and my family. Its never too late to start doing something or planning for your future. Do it now before you have dementia and can't remember anything, Im glad I recognize it now before its too late.

Sickness can happen to anyone, while you are healthy, do something that can change your life for the better. Don't sit around waiting and putting off things, before you know it you are just like the others. Begging, borrowing, and can't afford to pay your bills and fill your prescription. 

Be wise, be smart get out of your comfort zone and do something for the betterment of yourself.
I was not that driven before I used to be the person who cares less about my future when I get old. I realize that im getting up in age and I have to do things differently for my future.

Im so glad I found my true north and can able to make a change in my life. And with the hope of helping others find themselves and let them know that you are not just here to work and pay bills and die. Click Here
I know I was not just here to work and pay bills and die, I serve a stronger purpose. I just want to let you know that no one didn't couch or teach me. If I can do it, you can do it too, im not a writer but I can help myself to tell my story so others can learn from it.

I hope that all the information I put into this post will help someone out there to evaluate their life.  Make a change for the world to see, let your light shine bright like a diamond. Get rid of the cant and start using the word can do it more often. You will be so surprised of yourself, the things you can do im still surprise of myself the things im doing

Never in my wildest dream, I ever think that I would be here writing all this long content. I can definitely tell you that im enjoying every bit of it. The writing flows easily for me and I enjoy doing what I do, I feel so pumped up to write on articles on a daily basis.
"Stop wishing and start doing"
If you like what you read don't keep it to yourself share with friends and loved ones.

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Author: Marlene Gainey


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