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Knowing About Energy

People and Energy

Energy is very important in your everyday living environments if I knew what I knew now. I think I would avoid a lot of sets back and the mistakes that I make in my past. It's a big deal yes it is, everyone has a different type of energy, it can be good and also be bad.

Be careful of the energy you let into your personal space, especially your living environment. I know this because the energy that I was surrounded with was the cause of me hitting rock bottom couple years ago.

Positive Energy Flow

It is very important to surround yourself with good positive energy. Some energy will suck the life out of you, and left you to wonder what just happen.
There are different types of energy out there that you have to watch out for, intimacy is one of them. Be smart about who you go to bed with and get intimate with, Because if that person has a wife or girlfriend. Then you automatically sleeping with the other person energy.

Now you not just sleeping with that one person, you sleeping with everyone that person sleep with energy. Then you become stagnant and thinking why are bad things happening to you. It's because of all the energy that is around you that is not good for your chakra flow.

It is very important to have a good positive energy flow, and have a body cleansing once awhile it will help to clear any energy block. I'm just keeping it real with you all that energy plays a huge part in your everyday life, be aware. It's not just intimacy energy comes from.


Energy comes from anyone you associate yourself with, family friends you name it. I know you have to love your family no matter what. But sometimes you just have to cut some of them off, because they are energy suckers too and sometimes they are the main ones.
Don't be afraid to cut people off from your life, its good to analyze your friendship and your life. What is working out for you and what is not? It's your life, it's not everyone have a right to speak into your life.

You have a right to decide who you want in your space. I realize the importance of energy in my older age, but it never too late to learn and apply the lesson.

Sometimes you are with people that are not going nowhere in life, that does not have any goals. They are just living from paycheck to paycheck. They just think that they can't do better and it becomes the norm for them. Surround yourself with people that want more out of life and not just sitting around complaining and finding excuses.

Stay positive is the key, don't be with someone that brings out the worse out of you. Be with someone that brings out the best. If you are in a relationship and that person makes you cry more than how you laugh, I would say get out of it. That person energy is not compatible with yours, that's an energy sucker as well, a relationship should be about happiness.

Energy Blocker

There are several energy blockers out there, arguing every time in a love relationship is one of them. It's not healthy for both party, and it can block your energy flow. I understand there is no perfect relationship its okay to have a disagreement once in a while but not constantly. Especially if there is disrespectful words were used in your argument, that will block your energy flow.

I'm a very spiritual person, I always put God into my relationship because if you don't the relationship is not going to work. I learn the hard way, but I'm happy I know all these things now, it makes me very picky about the energy I entertain in my life. Be with someone that loves their mother and sister, because they will treat you the way they treat their mother and sister.

Self Love

When someone just breaks up with another person, don't be too quick to take them into your home. Because that person body is still not cleansed from the other person energy. Its okay to be alone sometimes, don't make decisions because of loneliness. That's when you will make the wrong decision and regret it after a while, you don't have to have a man or a woman around you to be happy. Happiness starts from within you, self-love is very important as well. Once you develop that self-love. you will able to make a better decision of who you choose to be with.

Lack of confidence and lack of financial stability can let people be in a relationship that is over many years. I used to be in that type of relationship that sucks the life out of me. I just was thinking that I can't pay the bills by myself and take care of my kids at the same time. The energy that I was surrounded by was killing my ego and my drives, I just couldn't take the energy. I have daily headaches and I was just feeling stuck in the relationship.

I got the guts to get up and move on with my life and that was the best thing ever happen to me. I would feel like a ton of weight lift off me. That happened back in 2012, now I'm doing better by myself, I remember this one word he says to me. When I was leaving him, he says you can survive without me, I will be running back to him.

Be Cautious Of Your Intimacy

It's over six years now and I'm more productive than ever before without a man in my life. Sometimes the same person you sleeping with can block your energy. I saw on news most of the time where the boyfriend kills girlfriend or girlfriend kills the boyfriend. The energy was not right in the relationship from start, that person has a bad energy a.nd bad intention.

I'm a family oriented person, I have two girls living with me, and I there needs first over mines. I just choose to live a low key life and not allow too many people into my space. I choose who I want to visit my home, and they better be on the same page as me and stay positive. If I sense any bad energy coming from anyone one around me, it doesn't matter who you are.

 I will let you know up front, that I don't like the energy if you decided to be the person you are and not trying to change. Its hasta la vista goodbye I just don't have time for people with bad energy.

Have you ever in a good mood and just that one person, come by or call you and just kill the vibe. That's energy, that person doesn't really have to be around you. To block your energy flowing just watch out to who you talk to on a daily basis.

 Make sure is a person that wish you well and want to see the best in you and not the person that doesn't want to see you succeed. if you hang with wolf you will learn how to haul, but if you hang with eagle you will sore to great heights.

Be careful of people energy, they can suck the life out of you if you allow them.
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