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What you Don't Know can Traumatize You.

The Betrayal And Deception

Heartbroken, that's what happened to me a few years ago, back in 2013  a year I will never forget. I made the wrong choices in life that cause me everything.  Sometimes we have to learn the hard way to realize what we have, and I guess I did. I consider myself a very responsible individual but sometimes been with the wrong person can cause you everything.

This is what happens to me, I was working at a nightclub as a bartender pouring liquor and having fun as well. The music is playing and customers are having a good time. Every Tuesday night we will have a pool tournament at the club. Another club will come and play against our team, for liquor and enjoyment.

Tall and handsome

One night as the guys walk in with their pool stick and bag on shoulder. I notice there was a tall handsome man, that caught my eyes. From that night I admire him, but he didn't know that I like him, I was just hoping to see him again and I did. He stops by a couple of times just to have a drink and just hang out with his friends but he has no clue that I like him.

He starts coming to the club more frequently until one night he was dressing very nice.  I couldn't help myself but compliment him. I let the cat out the bag, by saying to him I like you, he say to me I like you too I said really you do. He gave me a business card to call him, so I did call him the next day.  Click Here

We talk for a while and he told me about is business. He told me that the red Jaguar that park in front of the nightclub was is, I was like wow that is nice. I asked him if he is married or dating anyone at the moment he told me he is single.

Mr charmer

He started to tell me about is business and a few homes that he owns, to be honest, I was very impressed. And to top it off this guy was a charmer as well. The smooth gentle voice and the sweet words that make you feel like you want to melt.

I call my friend and told her about this guy that I met at the club, my friend always throw caution to the wind. But knowing me I didn't listen I just know that I really like this man. We went on a few dates and he invited me to his home one day, I didn't stay for long. But I did observe a few things inside the house that I asked him about, and he told me that is mother live here.

I was very convinced now that this guy was single because he takes me to his home, my car was parked next to his car in the parking lot. After I leave from I call my friends and say, guess what I just left from is home they were like happy about it.

Wife calls me

After months goes by, one day I was home on valentines day, I receive a phone call from a lady. First, she says to me im Mrs whatever. I try not to use the last name, but the name was the same name as the man im dating. I didn't believe her for a minute, I thought it was just maybe someone pulling a fast one.

After hanging up the phone with her, I called him to let him know what is going on. I told him that a lady with the same last name just call me claiming she is your wife.  He denied it completely and change the topic right away, I save the lady number on my phone. Just in case I need to reach out to her for any reason at all, I started to think that something was not adding up.

After a few months

We were still dating, until one day he was very cold towards me and not talking to me. Keep in mine I was so into this man like I couldn't live without him. It's like someone put a spell on me, Im feeling heads over heels for him he could not do anything wrong.  When I was in the lowest point of my life he was not there for me, I call him a few times he would not pick up my calls.

That's the time I decided to call the number that I save from the lady that claims to be his wife.  When I call she answers and I introduce myself. She says to me are you the person I spoke to on valentine days I say yes it is. I want to know the truth, I fall in love with this man.

She said im his wife for 17 years with thee children, mouth drop and she keep going on telling me about her family. Click Here
She was a very nice lady, I told her what he told me that he was single she didn't too convince of what I was saying to her. Then I told her that I came to her house one day, then she started to believe me after describing a few things inside her home. Now she starts listening, I told her that he plans to rent the upstairs to me, she says what not under my dead body.

The lies he told

We become friends for a while, she started to cry and telling me stories about her relationship with her husband. Keep in mind that the husband doesn't know what is going on, cause I didn't tell him I was going to call his wife. What the heck he was not returning my phone calls or text messages he left me to know other options.

I was not the type of person to cause trouble and get in between wife and husband dilemma. I just think that he needs to pay for all the pain he causes me. The worse part of it was to take me to his wife house while she was at work. Shame on him for doing this to his wife, while she was out there working hard to take care of the family.

Lesson learned

There is a lot more to tell of what happened but I can't write it into one post, to be continued. The morales to this story is that.
It's not everything glitters is gold, sometimes it sounds too good to be true my lesson learned from all this.

I don't date no type of married man, I don't like it at all I rather stay by myself. Whatever God put together shall no man tear it apart. I don't want to be that person to break up a home, it doesn't matter if its a happy or sad home, let the work it out. Click Here

I hope someone out there can relate to this story. From that day forward I stayed to myself, when things like these happen to me I intend on not trusting people too much.
Base on a true real-life story happen to me, Be aware of men and female that are dishonest.
Thanks for reading my post share with others on your social media network.
Im over with all this that was once my past, im fully recovery and moving in different direction.


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