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Moving To A New Home

My Landlord Selling Her Home Moving is not my favorite, but someone has to get it done especially when you are living in a rental home.  I was home and got a called from my landlord back in February of 2018, She asked if anyone is home? I say yes. She told me she wanted to show the house to a potential buyer.
I said to her are you selling the house she says yes,

 I was shocked because I was not planning and moving until the next two years. The person came and look at the home and left without saying nothing to me. I called the landlord to inquire about what the updates are, if the person likes the place and if they are going to purchase.
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Searching for homes
My landlord told me when I spoke to her on the phone, that she is not sure of what she is doing at this moment. She was waiting on feedback from the person that wanted to purchase her home. Three months went by and I called her again to see where I stand because I don't like the sudden move.
I like to stage and plan m…

How To Get More Traffic Online

More Visibility Visibility, my page is new and I'm trying to get more information, how to make my page become more visible on the internet. I try using the SEO optimization but traffic are very low, plus I would like to get rank on Google.  Everything I do on my own, I'm looking for a second opinion.

I'm not sure if I'm using the right keywords in my articles, I used Squirrly SEO for optimization plugin, and I will do audit periodically on my page. The reviews say that my page needs more traffic, I'm not using longtails keyword.

If anyone reading this post and can help me get my page ranking higher, and help me get more traffic to my website. I really want my page to be discovered, my articles or very unique, my goals are to get many people reading my blog and sharing with others.
New Startup I'm just a new startup author, I want to write content about my life story, I want people to get to know me better. I enjoy blogging, on my spare time when im not doing m…