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How To Get More Traffic Online

More Visibility

Visibility, my page is new and I'm trying to get more information, how to make my page become more visible on the internet. I try using the SEO optimization but traffic are very low, plus I would like to get rank on Google.  Everything I do on my own, I'm looking for a second opinion.

I'm not sure if I'm using the right keywords in my articles, I used Squirrly SEO for optimization plugin, and I will do audit periodically on my page. The reviews say that my page needs more traffic, I'm not using longtails keyword.

If anyone reading this post and can help me get my page ranking higher, and help me get more traffic to my website. I really want my page to be discovered, my articles or very unique, my goals are to get many people reading my blog and sharing with others.

New Startup

I'm just a new startup author, I want to write content about my life story, I want people to get to know me better. I enjoy blogging, on my spare time when im not doing my business stuff. I think each day when I write a new content, it helps me to improve my writing skills. My blog is about me and other things that or happening in our daily life and society.

My page is to help motivate and provide valuable information that maybe will help someone out there. While im blogging, I'm writing my book at the same time, that Im planning to launch before the end of the year 2018.  with my book, people will get to know the real story of my journey to become on entrepreneurs.

"Its never too late to start working on your dreams and bring them to reality"

So many people didn't get the opportunity to anything with their dreams. Because they keep on putting it off for another time and that time will never come. I believe im a risk taker and action taker, I like to work on things now.

"Stop wishing and start doing"

I know there are many expert bloggers out there if you are reading this article, please give a lending hands to help me improve. Im not afraid to ask for help when I need it, I know there are some great people out there that are very supportive of others. Im finally following my dreams, to become a great writer and a good CEO.

Everything that im doing right now is new to me. I have little experience, but I think im improving more and more each day. You can read about my software application that im working on as well.

I really could use some help getting these projects off the ground, go to my website to learn more about my software application concept. If you can help please don't shy away I won't bite, lol. Just drop me an email and put in the subject line I can help you. Or just email me and asked any questions about my business.


My main goal now is to get more visibility on the internet and more traffic so more people can know about me and my business. I also have my t-shirt line im that working on, I will put up pictures and website to shop soon. The t-shirt is ready to sell, it just not out there online for people to make a purchase.

I will be writing a blog about my t-shirt very soon so you all can get to know more about what my t-shirts. Im asking you all to share this blog as much as you can. I want it to get to the right person that can able to help me with my page and writing skills.

This is my blog page, I have another business website for all my business applications. I choose to keep my blog page separately from the other website. Because I want people to get to know me more on a personal level, of who I am, and can able to read to read my story.

I want to be able to connect with others all over the world from different cultures, feel free to email me and follow me on facebook.
Don't forget to share, comment and subscribe to my page and make a donation if you can. To help with the improvement of my website and marketing.

Thank you so much for reading my blog and im hoping to hear from someone very soon. I hope my post get some attention.
For a new writer, I don't know of any other way, I could of write this. Forgive me for any error, I promise I will get better
Thanks for reading.
Happy blog day!
Love you all


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