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Moving To A New Home

My Landlord Selling Her Home

Moving is not my favorite, but someone has to get it done especially when you are living in a rental home.  I was home and got a called from my landlord back in February of 2018, She asked if anyone is home? I say yes. She told me she wanted to show the house to a potential buyer.
I said to her are you selling the house she says yes,

 I was shocked because I was not planning and moving until the next two years. The person came and look at the home and left without saying nothing to me. I called the landlord to inquire about what the updates are, if the person likes the place and if they are going to purchase.
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Searching for homes

My landlord told me when I spoke to her on the phone, that she is not sure of what she is doing at this moment. She was waiting on feedback from the person that wanted to purchase her home. Three months went by and I called her again to see where I stand because I don't like the sudden move.
I like to stage and plan my move whenever I'm moving to a new place. My landlord told me I have to move because she found a buyer for the house. I was like what, and you didn't call and notify me. I quickly start looking for a new home in Windsor, My goal is to move by June 01 2018.

I live in the town of Windsor and at this location for four years, my daughter goes to middle school in Windsor and just about to start high school after summer break. She loves her school so I will have to find somewhere in Windsor to live. To accommodate my daughter school, she doesn't want to go to a new school and I completely understand. My daughter has to ride the school bus each day back and forth from school.

I found some nice apartment that was in Windsor that I like. The first thing I do is to see if there is a school bus route, and there was no bus route at these locations. After searching desperately I found a two bedroom and two bathrooms condo. It was a little bit pricey but I decided to take it because I didn't have much time to pick and choose. In Windsor homes are not available for rent on a regular basis, Its very randomly you will see a nice place for rent.

New Landlord

I spoke with this new landlord over the phone and I told him the reason I have to move. He said to me know worries you can rent my place. There was an instant connection over the phone, He told me the requirement to get the place and I meet all the requirement. He wanted two security deposit and one month rent, it was too much money at once. I guess it because of my income he knows that I can afford it.

This guy was unbelievable and he would not negotiate the price of the rent at all. After almost on hour speaking over the phone he said to me come and look at the place. I schedule an appointment for the weekend to see this new condo, I was very excited to see it. because I always wanted to have my own master bedroom and bathroom.

I went to go see the place with my one of my daughter and I was in love with this place. I say to him where do I sign and I was smiling and happy. My daughter likes it as well the place was spic and span, it was well kept and maintain. I come to an agreement to take the place, I gave him the two security deposit so he can take it off the market. He was kind enough to give me the key one week before the first of the month. Getting the key one week ahead was very helpful.


I didn't know where to start packing my stuff, I still have bags and boxes in the basement from my first move. I called my best friend Sherry to come and help me pack, I'm so glad I did. She was very happy and optimistic to help I knew that this lady loves me and want the best for me and my family. She is a hard worker but she finds time to help me and that was A+ for h her.

Not only did she help me to pack but she helps me to donate about nineteen bags of clothes, shoes, and houseware to goodwill. She said to me it's better to move light with not much clustering, and I totally agreed. Teamwork gets the job done, she called up her sister and her husband to help so I can be out of the house by June 01. I didn't know I have so many things in my home until I was moving, omg!

Staging The Move

My girlfriend is a very well organized person she likes to plan and stage how she would like to get it done. we started to arrange for a box truck and two strong men to help us load and unload the truck. While she brings over some of the things to my new place. she vacuums and cleans my new place for me with her sister while I was out of town. They send pictures of my clean kitchen and my living room, I was so overwhelmed by the effort they put into helping me.

I never had someone doing all the packing and cleaning and bring over my things in their vehicle Everyday after work. This is truly amazing what friends do for friends, she is like a sister from another mother. During the seven days, almost everything was in my new place except for the heavy things we move those by truck. It was well planned and stage it makes the moving went smoothly.

Finally, Move

Now I'm at my new place and almost finish settle in, I really enjoy my new home and looking forward and posting more about my new home. I love the location its very peaceful and quiet, there is a swimming pool an close by shopping plaza that I enjoy going to to get my errands down. I think I make the right decision to move it will help me to focus more and my business. I would not do this without my best friend, she helps me a lot and I'm thankful to have her in my life. Click Here


I love this say

"Good friends are better than pocket money"

I'm so grateful and thankful for where I'm at in life, it was not an easy road to travel. If I look back ten years back I can happily say that my life is heading in the right direction.
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