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About Me

About us hi my name is Marlene Gainey, CEO, and Founder of MyTyme Social Media App. I'm super excited to share my stories with the world. I will be talking more about how I started my business. Here is a link to my website click on the link to learn more about my application.

My business

My website is more about my journey to become an entrepreneur and the hard work and sacrifice I put into my business. From hitting rock bottom and now being a CEO.
I'm always researching and reading content on the internet to help to improve myself and my business. My app MyTyme Social means a lot to me. I  hope you will all enjoy using it with your friends and loved ones. My wish one day is to travel the world. My goals are to help uplift and motivate others to not give up on their dreams.


I love laughter, positive energies and be around people that have a direction of what they want in life. I do not do idle talk with people that are not going anywhere in life. I'm an open-minded person always looking for new things to do for the betterment of myself and my business.
I started my business in February 2016 it was not a smooth ride, I have my ups and downs. But I remain humble and calm, knowing that one day I will be successful.
Persistence, Determination, key to success.

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Not because you hit rock bottom, Doesn't mean you have to stay there.
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Knowing About Energy

People and Energy
Energy is very important in your everyday living environments if I knew what I knew now. I think I would avoid a lot of sets back and the mistakes that I make in my past. It's a big deal yes it is, everyone has a different type of energy, it can be good and also be bad.

Be careful of the energy you let into your personal space, especially your living environment. I know this because the energy that I was surrounded with was the cause of me hitting rock bottom couple years ago.
Positive Energy Flow It is very important to surround yourself with good positive energy. Some energy will suck the life out of you, and left you to wonder what just happen.
There are different types of energy out there that you have to watch out for, intimacy is one of them. Be smart about who you go to bed with and get intimate with, Because if that person has a wife or girlfriend. Then you automatically sleeping with the other person energy.

Now you not just sleeping with that one perso…

How I Stay Focus

Whats your future goals
How I stay focus with all the distractions around me, it's very hard, especially if you are a parent.  Im a single mother of three children two girls and one boy. They can become a hand full sometimes and get in the way of your work schedules. I try to manage my time the best possible way I can and still find for mommy moment with my family.

I Gain More Wisdom By Aging

Age Comes With Wisdom I gained more wisdom from aging, base on my life experience, the older you get the wiser you become, is a very true statement in my opinion.  I'm so glad I was raised by my grandparents they thought me so much. I know my grandparents always saying things to me, that didn't make sense then. It used to go into one ear an to the other, I really didn't care about what they were saying.
I know what they were saying to me was for our own good and base on their life journey. I can say this that have proved them to be right. When I think about what im going through, it's like hearing my grandparents voice in my ear. It never sticks until now, when I have to learn new things of my own.

I was the type of person that like to do things my way and then learn the hard way. Don't we all want to have our own way sometimes? thinking we know it all.  Its okay to be like that, no one is perfect but listen to others is good as well especially the older generation…